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What is holistic health and wellness?

by Michael Teh

We all want a balance life, but how do we achieve it? First, we must want to achieve a holistic approach to health and wellness. To do so, we must seek to find balance in all aspects of our lives, and in my experience, it is the BALANCE of Self – the Body, Mind, and Soul. I found the BALANCE through practicing yoga asanas, meditation, and qigong daily.

Would you like to find your BALANCE and live a holistic life?

“Through my guided meditation, my ultimate goal is to help you develop the awareness and realization of WHO YOU TRULY ARE where you then be able to effortlessly lead a Holistic Approach to life.”

In an ideal world, living a balance life would be the perfect goal. However, the world itself is not perfect but do not fret, there is hope. From my experience, in order to find balance in a chaotic world is to adopt a healthy physical, mental and spiritual lifestyle where it would then lead to a lifetime of joy and happiness.

To achieve both holistic health and wellness, we must seek to find the balance in every aspect of our lives. In my experience, I work with the BALANCE of Self which encompasses the Body, Mind and Soul. By practicing yoga asanas and qigong in my daily life, I have developed a healthier and lighter body. To enhance my Mind, I meditate daily on Positive Affirmation, Nullify Negative Thoughts and Practice Gratitude in all aspects of my thinking.

In addition to meditating, I learn from insights of others by reading motivational and spiritual books to understand life at higher perspective, to keep an open mind and not become ignorant. That said, it is essential for us to have an open mind in gaining knowledge and wisdom, not to be indoctrinated or have your mind locked into certain belief systems that bring forth judgements, leading to a polarized mind. The biggest roadblock to self-realization is to be ignorant that arises from the polarization of the mind.

“It is in the middle path that the Buddha got his enlightenment”.

Meanwhile, to enhance my Soul, aside from performing daily prayers to Love and Light, and GOD, I always seek and follow the voices and wishes of my Heart. In other words, constantly do something that the Heart wants you to do and leading you to happiness, joy, and love. Your true nature is Nothing but Love, it is always peaceful, calm, love, and light.

At the same time, I am always mindful to be authentic, sincere, truthful, patient, love and compassionate while dealing with others. As I perform these daily, I find peace and harmony with all things that I am dealing in the outer and inner world. And that is where I find BALANCE naturally in all aspect of my life, and also to be PRESENT in all things that I am dealing with.

Hence, through this, it brings forth both Holistic Health and Wellness and it is essential for us to do so. With BALANCE, it will nurture your body, mind, and soul to have inner peace, wellness, and contentment. And once your being is well nurtured and stable, you will then naturally lead a lifetime of good health, clarity of mind and happiness.

That said, do you know that meditation is one essential means to holistic health and wellness? This is because the goal of meditation is to still the fluctuation of your mind, and then bring forth inner peace and calmness from within. In the state of inner peace and calmness, wisdom and knowing will also arise as we will start to seek deeper understanding of our thoughts and emotions. At the end of the day, the goal is to develop the awareness, to still your mind and to develop the capability to nullify negative thoughts and emotions throughout your daily activities.

At the same time, meditation has the ability to detox our inner toxins and inner wounds that have been stored inside our body-mind-soul system. Through my guided meditation, there are combinations of meditation where it will help to know who you truly are and to heal your inner wounds and pains which will help release the toxins out of your system.

Through my guided meditation, my ultimate goal is to help you develop the awareness and realization of WHO YOU TRULY ARE where you then be able to effortlessly lead a Holistic Approach to life.

Here are some tips to integrate holistic health into your life:

  1. First seek the intent to integrate holistic health into your daily life.
  2. Understand why you want a Holistic Health into your daily life. For e.g. I want to integrate holistic health into my daily life so I can live a healthier and happier life, which is essentially SELF-LOVE. And to love yourself is to love GOD. And by loving yourself, it is to take care of your own well-being, your body, mind, and soul.
  3. Cultivate the passion for change and longing to lead a life of higher potential (Good health that is free of sickness and disease, sustainable joy and happiness, bliss, and contentment), with daily affirmations.
  4. Study and understand what you can do to include in your holistic approach to life. For example, Practice daily Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Qi Gong, Self-love, Gratitude, Eat Well, Exercise, Find joy in social interactions etc.
  5. Join my guided meditation, yoga and Qigong as I will help you to instil inner peace in you so it can be your fuel to get you adopt holistic approach into your daily life.

Would you be interested in finding your true life’s purpose and awaken your higher consciousness?

Michael Teh, 22nd July 2020.

Michael Teh is a meditation coach devoted to a personal mission of awakening more people to higher consciousness. He teaches self-realization through meditation, qigong, yoga and philosophy. Michael Teh Signature Workshop: The Essence of Life Series explores meditation as a powerful tool to realize our true potential. Michael has designed multiple workshops in this series to support his participants’ self-realization journey. Workshop Series 1 is currently running every few months on-ground in Kuala Lumpur, titled “Knowledge of The Self and Fundamentals of Meditation. Be sure to follow Michael’s social media channels and website for more updates: FB: IG:   Website: