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What is Meditation?

What does meditation mean to you? Do you know that meditation has different effects on each individual who practices it? Personally, through the means of meditation, I had come to realize that I have learned to not only live naturally but gained the ability or

Part 3: Your Journey

Have you come to a point in life where you’re searching the meaning of life? Do you think life is all about chasing after success and wealth or just living to meet the expectations of others? If that is you, I invite you to join me

Part 2: Life in Transition

Are you contented with life or are you pursuing more endeavours? In each of our lives, we will come to a point when we are just searching for ourselves. And in that process, we are in between a transition of how to move forward. If

Part 1: Journey to Success

Don’t we all want to be successful in one way or another? And yes, there are many ways that could lead us to success. Personally, one of the most important pathways is to be goal oriented. However, in my journey to success, through the ups